About us

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with a compensation platform that puts your employees first.

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Employees can pick & choose their own benefits from the more than 220 partners on our platform.

Our mission

The platform for flexible and personal employee benefits & rewards.

We want to unlock the full potential of your workforce and believe in putting employees
first. Because everyone is unique and has their own interests, we made providing personal rewards more accessible.


Our solution? Flexibility.

  • Make impact

    Make impact

    We want to make an impact and listen to the changing demands of employees. Now, and in the future.

  • Make it personal

    Make it personal

    We offer flexible benefits on our platform, with a selection that matches employees’ personal needs and demands. In our app, employees receive a monthly budget from you – their employer – which they can use to choose the benefits that fit their needs.

  • Stand out

    Stand out

    Not only is it an excellent employee benefit, but it’s also instrumental for distinguishing your company in a competitive market.

Our culture

Together, we bring the concept of YourCampus to life. Now your employees can have the best benefits and app at their fingertips, without giving you extra things to worry about. We make sure the customised app will appear on your employees’ screens, with the features and benefits that you want them to have.

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Our team

Meet the team

With a fast-growing team and a refreshing vision for the fast-changing workplace, we’re creating the new way of rewarding. Our team consists of experts from different industries and is innovative and international. This is what we do: sales, development, getting the best deals and partners on our platform, our communication with you, marketing, and design.

Who’s on our team?
Make it personal for
maximum value and engagement.