Benefits & Rewards


Time to celebrate

  • Is there a special life event to celebrate, or a performance that needs to be pointed out? Let employees choose their own gift. Make it personal for maximum value and engagement.

Automatic ease

  • Automate Rewards & Celebrations via YourCampus. You'll never forget a birthday or anniversary again. You decide the selection of the gifts employees can choose from – effortlessly.

Performance based rewards

  • Someone's best perfomance yet? Reward where it's due, straight from the admin portal.

Make it personal for maximum value creëer and engagement.

  • Smart compensation

    Culture & Events

    Culture plays a considerable role in total compensation. With YourCampus you can quickly set up and communicate social events.

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  • Smart compensation

    Flexible holiday allowance

    Let employees flexibly manage their own holiday allowance. They decide when they have it paid out – and how.

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Provide personal benefits to your employees.
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