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Spot rewards

Our effective rewards program designed to drive employee engagement, productivity, and happiness.

The power of recognition

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Nurture a culture of appreciation

In today's fast-paced work environment, valuable achievements often go unnoticed. With Spot Rewards, we ensure every contribution gets the recognition it deserves. Our program allows managers to acknowledge employee achievements, fostering a positive work environment.

Product features

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Give spot rewards anytime, anywhere using our bulk upload feature that saves your time. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to acknowledge your employees' hard work on the spot.

You can customize exactly how points can be earned but also how many points are rewarded using our admin portal. You’re in full control and can be certain that the rewards fit your company. A couple of examples:

  • ● Hours worked
  • ● Taking over a shift
  • ● Completing a training
  • ● Referring a colleague

Our rewards marketplace offers access to collective discounts and deals with more than 60 premium brands. We’ve done all the sourcing for you already, so that saves you time.

Measure the impact of your rewards program. With our in-depth analytics, you can track recognition trends and identify top performers. Use those insights to optimize your rewards strategy.


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Boost employee engagement

Frequent recognition can increase employee engagement by up to 60%. Spot Rewards helps you build a motivated and committed team.

Employees who feel appreciated are more productive. Our spot rewards program ensures your team's efforts are rewarded, increasing their drive to excel.

Recognition and rewards promote a positive work environment. Cultivate a culture where everyone's contributions are valued with Spot Rewards.

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