Friends with benefits.

  • Thanks to YourCampus we are able to offer fringe benefits to all our staff with all different kinds of contracts.

    Marco Lemmers

    CEO and founder

  • We use YourCampus as one of the benefits in our vacancies and in the recruitment process because we think its very important to be distinctive.

    Lynn Jonker

    Growth Marketer

  • Via YourCampus we are able to give colleagues birthday gifts and gifts for special achievements. The lease bike is a frequently chosen benefit at our company.

    Hans Hoogland

    Finance Manager

  • With YourCampus we can organize our existing budgets much smarter.

    Juliette Hamana

    Manager people and Culture

  • It's hard to meet everyone's needs. Everything centralized in one app made it very easy for me.

    Elia Islane

    HR Director

  • From an HR perspective, being able to offer all our administrative efforts related to employee wellbeing through one platform is a huge advantage.

    Janine Zagorny

    Head of People

Culture & Events

Breakfast & Benefits

Breakfast & Benefits

A YourCampus event where we invite friends (with or without benefits) to discuss hot-and-happening HR topics with one or more experts who have the best insights for you.

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