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The Modern Cafetaria Model

Let your employees choose from the largest benefit offering in the Netherlands

Offer tax-free benefits

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Largest benefits offering, with tax savings

YourCampus allows you to offer your employees benefits with tax advantages. Employees can choose from the largest selection of employee benefits in the Netherlands, enabling you as an employer to offer nice extras. This not only positions you as an attractive employer, but also enables you to save on social security contributions. That alone should put you on the list of most attractive employers. And the best part: as an employer, you benefit from a 20% tax advantage on social security contributions. Employees can enjoy savings of at least 40% thanks to tax and collective benefits. All this is possible within and outside the WKR. Not bad, right?.

What's in it for your team

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Largest choice of employee benefits

Thanks to our platform, employees have a choice of more than 250 attractive benefits in one place, including 10,000+ sport locations and 100,000+ education & training courses.

On the YourCampus platform, you can see all selected benefit partners in user friendly app. Employees not only get an average 40% tax benefit, but also receive an additional up to 20% discount with our partners.

The full range of benefits can be found in our easy to use app. We integrate seamlessly with systems such as NMBRS, AFAS, BambooHR, HiBob, Loket and Personio. Existing fringe benefits can also be added.

What’s in it for the employer

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Saving employers'costs through exchange

As an employer, you save 18% on social security contributions on the amount employees exchange within the working costs scheme (WKR).

The extensive range of employment conditions makes you attractive to employees. This makes you a unique and distinctive employer.

YourCampus provides real-time insight into the allocation of free space within the WKR. We work with monthly summary invoices and simple reports for ease of financial and administrative processing.

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