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Smart Compensation

Get the most out of your investment and offer your current budgets in a flexible and personal way.

Flexible pension

Flexible pension

Give employees the option to save up for their pension, or another goal, like a renovation project. Give employees the option to manage their finances in a flexible way.

Life can throw extra costs into the mix. Make budgets available for when employees need them the most. From insight to action.

Employees can change their preferences at any time. YourCampus ensures that these preferences are processed right away. This is all done in collaboration with Brand New Day.

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Flexible holiday allowance

Flexibility & autonomy

Create more value by offering increased flexibility and autonomy. Get the most out of existing benefits.

Let employees flexibly manage their own holiday allowance. They decide when they have it paid out – and how – which gives them access to a financial boost.

Employees can easily manage and swap their budgets in the YourCampus app. We directly connect with payroll to make sure all transactions are administered.

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Exclusive discounts

United, we have more power. That’s why your team will love to have access to collective discounts that are exclusive to YourCampus. A perk that is completely cost-neutral from your side.

We’re building a community. Our users gain access to collective deals and discounts on various services, everything from health insurance to hotel stays.

Access to discounts on employees’ favourite brands and memberships boosts engagement on the platform.

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Bring your own benefits

Easy to find

Get the most out of your current offering and add your existing benefits to the YourCampus platform. They’ll be easy to find and easy to share.

Communicate the value of your existing pension contribution or insurance coverage, so your employees can understand the value of what they’re entitled to.

Employees have all the information they need at their fingertips. It’s always there, in one single place.

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Always access

Life happens. But we’re not always equipped to keep everything running. Thanks to unlimited access to coaches for mental and financial wellbeing, you can make the difference for your team.

We choose our partners with care. Now employees can book 1-on-1 video coaching. Fully anonymous and with certified partners.

Give employees the autonomy and freedom to book a session at any time. Support them through any obstacles life treats them with.

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Culture & Events

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Communicating compensation

Culture plays a considerable role in total compensation. As remote working is nothing out of the ordinary anymore, we need an up-to-date alternative to on-premise communication.

Invite everyone – or just specific employees. The event will launch in the app and employees can accept the invite with a single click. It’s that easy.

The Employer Dashboard makes it super easy to keep track of registrations or send extra updates to employees.

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Control over approval

Certain things you need to be in control of. That’s why you can connect a request approval flow to any benefit request or reimbursement.

Advertise approval benefits and have employees request a “moving day’’ or extra budget for Learning & Development. It can all be done within the app.

Manage and view all pending requests via the Employer Dashboard. Send feedback whenever, wherever (thanks, internet).

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