Smart compensation

Culture & Events

Culture & Events

Communicating compensation

  • Culture plays a considerable role in total compensation. As remote working is nothing out of the ordinary anymore, on-premise communication has become less efficient.
  • Whether it's going for a run or company drinks, with YourCampus you can quickly set up and communicate social events.

Direct targeting

  • Invite everyone – or just specific employees. The event will launch in the app and employees can accept the invite with a single click. It's that easy.

Right on track

  • The Employer Dashboard makes it super easy to keep track of registrations or send extra updates to employees.

We think culture is key when it comes to compensation.

  • Communication & Admin

    Budget management

    Manage, add or remove budgets and allowances via the Employer Dashboard. Your changes will be directly visible in the employees’ app.

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  • Smart compensation


    Certain things you need to be in control of. That’s why you can connect a request approval flow to any benefit or reimbursement.

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Provide personal benefits to your employees.
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