Smart compensation


Exclusive discounts

  • United, we have more power. That's why your team will love to have access to collective discounts that are exclusive to YourCampus. A perk that is completely cost-neutral from your side.

Collective deals

  • We're building a community. Our users gain access to collective deals and discounts on various services, everything from health insurance to hotel stays.

Continuous engagement

  • Access to discounts on employees' favourite brands and memberships boosts engagement on the platform.

We want users to benefit from using our app.

  • Smart compensation

    Flexible pension

    Let employees flexibly manage their pension. They decide if they add it to their pension scheme or have it paid out directly.

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  • Communication & Admin

    Payroll & HRIS integration

    We seamlessly integrate with your HRIS/Payroll to automate user onboarding and offboarding.

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