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Employees get the freedom of choice in selecting their benefits. As an employer, you save time and money thanks to fiscal & collective advantages, efficient integration, and automated administration.

YourCampus is a platform for smart and flexible employee compensation. We give employees the autonomy to flexibly use their budget and pick and choose their own benefits as they like. See employee satisfaction surge, thanks to a tailored benefits package and relevant offering. Enjoy the easy administration and fiscal & collective advantages that come with the YourCampus platform.

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iconFlexible benefits

Let your employees select the benefits that fit their needs. Enable them employees to mix & match a personal benefits package on our marketplace.

Ensure employees have unlimited access to key services, such as mental wellbeing support, financial coaching, and learning modules.

Your company culture in the spotlight: highlight the initiatives that align with your company’s core values, reward employees, and celebrate life events.

Allow flexible access to existing salary components, such as holiday allowance and bonuses to increase purchasing power.

Thanks to collective agreements, we can arrange exclusive discounts with various vendors. Via our app, you provide your employees with a wide range of collective discounts and perks, completely cost-neutral.

Contribute to the financial wellbeing of your employees. Whether they’re saving for their pension or a renovation, your employees can manage their financial affairs flexibly.

Provide yourself and employees with fiscal advantages via optimisation of the WKR (work-related costs scheme) and usage of gross salary components. On top of the gross-nett advantage, your employees will enjoy the full potential of collective deals and a higher purchasing power.

Employees want change.

67% of all salaried employees considers switching to a new employer.

Compensation & benefits is a top priority.

60% of employees agree that the compensation and benefits package is a top priority when it comes to choosing a new job.

Recognition-based rewards improve employee loyalty.

79% of working Gen Z and Millennials agree with that statement.

How does it work?

Set Budgets & Rewards

You set the budgets, whether that’s per category or employee. We take care of the rest. You can control and curate the marketplace where the benefit allowances can be spent.

Do you already have a great set of existing benefits that your employees love? We can add those to the app, too. And your employees will be able to find them quicker than ever before.

Seamlessly connect YourCampus with your Payroll/HRIS system. Changes are automatically synced with YourCampus, which will free you of repetitive manual and administrative tasks.

Whatever their locations, with YC’s mobile-first platform you can always communicate about events, updates and celebrations directly to your team. Share rewards from the app in a fun way.

Track which benefits and categories are hot among your workforce. Via the Employer Dashboard you can check in on the overall engagement from your teams.

Proud to have more than 200 customers that offer their benefits via YourCampus and more than 100 000 users on our platform.

"After implementing YourCampus the NPS score has gone up from 34 to 45. The rating specifically for ‘rewards’ has gone up from 6.4 to 6.8"

Marjan SmitHead of people @ DEPT

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  • Reach the top. Increase satisfaction for compensation to 4.5

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