Benefits & Rewards

Benefits for all

Promote productivity.

  • We believe in making benefits personal, timely and relevant. Still, some support should be available for everyone, because happy employees are proven to be more productive, ambitious and motivated.

Access to support.

  • Make sure all of your employees have direct access to essential benefits and services. Certified coaches and financial experts, for example. It's easily done with YourCampus.

A healthy balance

  • Empower your teams with the support they need to manage their work/life balance. They'll get easy (and anonymous) access to supporting services via the YourCampus app.

Ensure support for everyone

  • Smart compensation

    Flexible holiday allowance

    Let employees flexibly manage their own holiday allowance. They decide when they have it paid out – and how.

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  • Communication & Admin

    Automated tax reporting

    Thanks to our automated reporting, you’ll always be tax compliant.

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Provide personal benefits to your employees.
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