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Communication & Admin

Activate employees via personal communication, access real-time data automatize all processes.

Payroll & HRIS integration

Leg je admin bij ons

We’ll take care of menial tasks so you can focus on your team.

You can say ‘bye-bye’ to spreadsheets. Now you’ll have all the right data at the click of a button, ready to be shared.

We seamlessly integrate with various HRIS/Payroll systems to automate user onboarding.

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Automated tax reporting

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Tax compliant

Thanks to our automated reporting, you’ll always be tax compliant.

We’ll take the administrative load off your shoulders: at the end of each month, you’ll receive a digestible overview of the spent budget – plus the relevant tax classifications.

Your Finance team will be able to see the financial impact of YourCampus in the blink of an eye, thanks to our monthly financial overview.

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Insights & Analytics

Quick insights

Use real time insights to see what matters most to your teams. Use the analytics to see how engaged your employees are with your benefits and compensation.

Download detailed reporting on benefit spending and tax classifications. We provide everything your finance team needs for accounting.

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Push notifications

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Stay relevant

Utilize relevant life events and communicate about them. To everyone, or the relevant employee(s).

Thanks to our push messaging, we can directly inform and inspire employees around new updates and events.

Make your messages relevant and personal. Only select the employees who need to see the message.

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Budget management

Manage budgets

Manage, add or remove budgets and allowances via the Employer Dashboard. Your changes will be directly visible in the employees’ app.

Set and manage budgets on individual or group level. Set limits where you want them to be, so it fits your company.

Connect budgets to a specific category – such as Health or Financial – or select a bundle of benefits where employees can spend their budgets.

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