Smart compensation

Bring your own benefits

Easy to find

  • There's more in life…Get the most out of your current offering and add your existing benefits to the YourCampus platform. They'll be easy to find and easy to share.

Clarify the value

  • Communicate the value of your existing pension contribution or insurance coverage, so your employees can understand the value of what they're entitled to.

All in one place

  • Employees have all the information they need at their fingertips. It's always there, in one single place.

Your existing benefits don't need to come second.

  • Smart compensation


    Give employees the autonomy and freedom to book a coaching session at any time.

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  • Benefits & Rewards

    Reward performances

    Is there a special life event to celebrate, or a performance that needs to be pointed out? Automate Performance Rewards via YourCampus.

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Provide personal benefits to your employees.
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