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Flex Pension

Get the most out of your investment by making existing budgets flexible and personal.

The first flexible pension plan

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Visible value

Pension is a benefit with one of the highest costs for employers. For employees, however, the value is often invisible due to a lack of understanding and flexibility. It would make a world of difference if employees could take control and determine their own pension contributions. One of the results would be more engagement with pension.

At the same time, more and more employees want to receive benefits that are flexible. With flexible budgets, employees get access to budgets for urgent financial matters or large expenses. That may be moving to a new apartment, a renovation, or expenses around a new member of the family.

This is why at YourCampus we offer the option for a flexible pension plan (a 3rd pillar pension product). With flexible pension, employees can specify whether they want to receive (part of) their pension as salary. They can do so on a monthly basis. In addition, employees can view their pension contribution whenever they want.

A flexible solution

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A modern pension plan

Together with our friends at Brand New Day, we launched the first flexible pension plan. Now, employees can decide whether they want to add your pension contribution to their pension plan, or have it paid out as salary. Employees can manage this in the YourCampus app and any changes will be processed each month.

Depending on what you decide, employees can indicate what part of their pension they would like to save up as pension and what is paid out as salary on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Once the contribution is added to the pension, it cannot be paid out as salary anymore.

If employees have any questions about the process or about their pension, they can set up a meeting with a pension expert from Brand New Day. This can be done directly via the YourCampus app!

YourCampus X Brand New Day

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Direct insights for employees

Brand New Day is a Dutch bank that also offers pension plans. Together, we developed a portal for the YourCampus app. With the portal, employees can take control of their own flexible pension and get direct insights about the amount of their pension fund via Brand New Day.

Via the link in the Campus environment, employees can set up a Brand New Day account all by themselves. Brand New Day will contact them afterwards to open their Employer Pension Fund.

If an employer already has a pension fund from a previous employer with another pension provider, it can be transferred to Brand New Day. (Unfortunately, that’s not possible with a private account.)

Curious about Flexible Pension?

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