A modern benefits solution for sick leave

A modern benefits solution for sick leave

Van Dijnsen is an installation company that does it all: advice, design, and maintenance of building-related installations. Van Dijnsen is a family-owned company but distinguishes itself by taking on big projects, that are normally taken on by larger corporations. They employ both desk and non-desk employees, who advise, create the projects, and also maintain the projects.

Although employees at Van Dijnsen already received profit sharing, a nice pension plan, and a moment in the spotlight during work anniversaries, there was one thorn in the side for Bianca van den Tol, the HR manager at Van Dijnsen.

An old-fashioned solution for a timeless problem

Van Dijnsen used a ‘not sick’ bonus. If an employee had not been sick for a year, they would receive a nice bonus at the end of the year. Any colleagues who had been sick, however, wouldn’t receive any bonus. That’s the nature of it, but also exactly why Bianca van den Tol, found it too old-fashioned of a solution.

Despite that it was used to prevent sick leave, it didn’t generate the intended results. Bianca noticed that, in the end, only a small percentage of employees would receive the bonus. Sometimes, you simply can’t prevent getting sick.

It was time for something better
Van Dijnsen went searching for an alternative for the bonus. Instead, they wanted to focus on preventing sick leave by switching from sick leave management to health management. By focussing on the health of the employees, they hoped to decrease sick leave at the same time.

"We wanted to focus much more on preventing absenteeism. To actually move from absence management to health management. So instead of saying, 'what are we going to do now' when people get sick or are sick, but focus on how we can put more effort into reducing absenteeism. That's why we started looking around us for providers." - Bianca van den Tol, HR manager at Van Dijnsen

They found YourCampus and it was exactly what they were looking for. It was a solution that would benefit the complete, diverse workforce and reflected the company’s values of being ‘social and engaged’.

Specifically, Bianca was very happy that YourCampus is a platform that offers benefits from many partners. Finding individual offering wasn’t necessarily the problem, but finding one place for everything, that offered benefits that would excite the whole workforce of about 160 employees, was. And with employees between 17 and 65, both desk and non-desk, and both men and women at an 80/20 ratio, they have quite a diverse pool of employees. That’s without the students in training and lateral entrants at Van Dijnsen.

Committed to vitality
“What we hope to achieve is a piece of employer involvement. That our colleagues also realise that we are committed to their vitality. We really focus the app on exercise and relaxation. With YourCampus, we have also been able to choose between the various providers that offer vitality. From physical exercise to mental relaxation.” - Bianca van den Tol

Van Dijnsen ultimately hopes employees can make conscious decisions and choose things like shops that offer sports clothing, gym memberships, and vendors for fresh meals, so colleagues can be supported for that at home as well. “We also have the option for employees to submit their own reimbursements. We already see that that’s a huge success.”

After a couple of months, about half of the employees use the YourCampus app. For Bianca, the implementation of YourCampus would be a success if everyone would make use of their budget. It was also a conscious choice to implement a carryover limit of one year, so people will hopefully take at least one moment a year to really focus on their health.

All in all, Bianca hopes employees will be able to focus more on their health in a conscious way. If, as a result, they can also lower sick leave, that’d be a win-win situation for Bianca.