Crisp found a benefits package that fits all types of employees

Crisp found a benefits package that fits all types of employees

Whether that’s office employees or warehouse, full-time, or part-time.

Online supermarket Crisp was growing rapidly and was looking to introduce an attractive employee benefits package. They have a diverse workforce: anything from developers to creatives, but of course also those who know the assortment by heart. In addition, they’re in the grocery business, so they also have warehouse employees working in their warehouse.

As a result, Crisp had a problem that many companies are familiar with: how do you provide benefits that all your employees like? 

Insights from the first year

After an on-site introduction at the office, and posters to promote the app at the warehouse, YourCampus was well-received by Crisp’s employees. But how was it used?

Office employees
The office workforce is a young, but wildly varying group in terms of function at Crisp. Most employees are between 25 and 35 and many of them live in Amsterdam. They are not afraid to ask questions and are mission-driven, which is often the reason that they work at Crisp. 

Top benefits

  1. Crisp
  2. Giro 555 Turkije & Syrië
  3. Treatwell
  4. Coolblue
  5. Zalando

Warehouse employees
Crisp’s warehouse workforce mainly consists of order pickers and deliverers for groceries. Many warehouse people are working on a flex contract, and there’s a higher turnover rate among them. 

Due to their flex contract, Crisp came to the solution to give all warehouse employees a budget of €17,50 plus 1% of their salary if it’s above the €1750. The additional 1% is paid out every quarter, as some employees only work extra during certain periods, such as the summer, including job students. The job students often don’t stay with Crisp for a long time. 

Top benefits:

  1. Zalando
  2. Coolblue
  3. Pathé
  4. Bijenkorf
  5. Crisp

Differences in usage

The usage of the type of different benefits is quite apparent between office employees and those at the warehouse. A good example of why a benefit is popular with office employees is the Giro 555 donation, which was first launched for Ukraine and later for Syria and Turkey. Renee thinks that’s got to do with a couple of things:

  • Office employees receive a higher budget than warehouse employees, so it’s less of a barrier to donate a part of it.
  • Office employees also have a higher salary on average.
  • They more often choose benefits that are in line with Crisp’s values.

As for the different types of benefits selected by warehouse employees, that can be explained as well. Due to the flexible contracts of the warehouse employees, they receive a lower budget (of at least €17,50). Hence, the complete offering is not always relevant for warehouse employees. Saving up for a Veloretti voucher of €400,- would take almost two years. As a result, warehouse employees tend to choose the more quick-purchase type of benefits, such as vouchers, as their budget can be spent on those each month or every other month.


With the YourCampus app, Crisp found a solution that can appeal to all customers, whether they’re office employees or work at the warehouse. In addition, they found that the YourCampus app matches their culture very well, thanks to the freedom and autonomy, but also the wide variety of benefits, from doing something good to treating yourself.